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The 2017 Christmas Charity Concert

This year will be the 7th Annual Christmas Charity Concert put on by the TAK Project. Working in cooperation with The Make-A-Wish Japan Sapporo Office and the Sapporo Project Santa, we wish to make this a success. Christmas needs to be a happy time for everyone, so please help.

The Make A Wish Foundation helps to make dreams come true for children who are  diagnosed with a long term illness or are terminally ill. When a family is informed that their child has a disease, Make A Wish steps in to realize the child's dream. Families from all over Japan have come to Sapporo so their son or daughter can, in many cases, play in the snow. These families can't do it alone. Make A Wish helps, but it needs your help too.

The Sapporo Santa Project raises money and purchases presents for children who live in three group homes in Hokkaido. Sad as it is, the slow economy and troubles with substance, spouse, and child abuse renders all too many families unable to live together. Every year, as Christmas nears, the children in these homes wonder if Santa will come. He came last year, and he will come this year. Will you help him to fill his sack with presents?
Please come!  This event is one that is sure to please!   

Tickets are ¥2,000 for adults and ¥1,000 for students.
Please contact sapporo.takproject@gmail.com: 011-375-0040